anec Arabica Coffee Bean



WHAT IS anec?

Arabica | Natural | Espresso | Coffee

Only for true coffee lovers

We only use natural ingredient

We roast original arabica coffee

Special and best brew for espresso



“It’s bold, deep and dark chocolate taste really meet my expectation, XStone Coffee anec is my cafe first choice,  highly recommend!”

Loyal_customer Mr Teh, owner of Mansion 1969, Jenjarom, Malaysia



“The unique fresh XStone Coffee bean aroma really attract me”

– Ms Chan, owner of The Daily Press Coffee, Botanic, Malaysia


Fresh | 100% Arabica | Certified Roaster | Degree RoastXStone Coffee Guarantee

We will only roast the fresh bean

No others but only 100% arabica bean

Medium to medium-dark degree roast

Only roast by experience certified roaster


Arabica Coffee Bean 

“Best Quality Coffee Bean, For True Coffee Lovers”